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grind,grind and then breakdown?!!!Sweeeet! - 83%

SoulSeekJay, June 30th, 2004

Relevant Few return with their second album! It's really an unbelievable firework that these guys offer from the first to the last minute. The first track makes clear that Relevant Few won't take any prisoners, only the dead will be left behind. In fact the whole album is a brutal punch in your face with unrelenting grindcore that benefits from the fact that they recorded the album within one take. Raw, powerful and with a punishing production they present an awesome grind record.
The music is as diversified as the vocal style because they don't only offer straight up grind, the songs contain a lot of breakdowns with death metal appeal. Here comes also their good guitar work into my mind because to keep things interesting especially in the grind business you need a great guitar player who knows to throw in good riffs while they break down. A good example is the end of the seventh track "Extinct Utopia" where they also play a slow downed part and offer melodic death metal riffs in the back! Most of their songs clock around the 1-minute-mark but with "Doomsday Celebration" they present an over four minutes long sludge inferno, just like the title says they celebrate with sludgy rhythms, growled vocals and grimly riffs. With the followers they come back to the opposite with furious high speed grindcore. One of the best grindcore records 2004. Get it, or miss out!