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Not A Carcass Worship Band - 92%

grain_silo, August 23rd, 2011

I just bought this album a few weeks ago and it has already become one my favorite goregrind albums I own. Now I know you expect to see the words “Carcass” and “Worship” a lot in this review and I can already tell you that you will not see these two words come up. People seem to assume that if a band is goregrind then they are automatically a Carcass worship band…I disagree, that’s kind of like saying every thrash metal band is a Metallica worship band, it doesn’t make sense. I do however see how some bands can get thrown into the pile of ‘worship’ bands, (County Medical Examiners), but Regurgitate seemed put their own twist on goregrind and it is amazing.

First, the production on here is amazing. The bass is really loud but not too distorted. The guitars are extremely heavy but just heavy enough to be understood. The drums sound pretty good, the blast beats sound really good buy the snare sometimes gets lost during the blast beats. The vocals are a combination of extreme gutturals, probably with the help of a pitchshifter, and a higher kind of vomit type vocalist. All the vocals work perfectly together to give this album more variety.

The songs are just insane. “Disgorging Foetus” starts with an awesome bass intro. The songs have a lot of thrash parts and of course a lot of blast beats but they throw in a few curveballs every now and then. “Genital Cancer” has amazing double bass that I didn’t see coming and some awesome riffs. The songs are mostly pretty short. A lot of short, choppy songs just make this album better in my own opinion. I like having an album with 37 songs on it, seems like a lot more to listen to. The song names are just gross; “Disgorging Foetus”, “Complete Rectal Prolapse”, and “Genital Cancer” as a great sample. I don’t have the lyrics but I can only imagine what they are about and they’re probably not to pretty.

I own “Sickening Bliss” and I personally like this album more, so if you like “Sickening Bliss” then I would highly recommend you get this. Or if you like goregrind.

Best tracks – “Genital Cancer”, “Disgorging Foetus”, and “Mulitcystic Kidney”