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It's good, but why'd they get rid of the splatter? - 69%

the16th6toothson, May 17th, 2005

If the cult-gore hounds were disappointed with Regurgitate before surely they’re cursing the gods (in this case Carcass) even more so after hearing (or is that refusing to hear?) the newest effort from Sweden’s most aurally decimating act.

Nearly void of any vomitous pitch shifting heaving that is bordering ridiculousness, one would initially think this isn’t even the same band that wrote such grotesque tunes just a few years ago. It was that particular style of hideously lovable vocal putrefaction that made post various seven inches and splits Regurgitate what they were almost entirely. It’s still there, but it’s very rare. Replacing boiling, bubbling, churning, up-chuckery are hard core styled yells, rabid barking and layered vocal rants.

Musically the band hasn’t strayed too far from their recent style, especially since the original tracks on the previous release “Hatefilled Vengeance”. It’s still ultra blasting, melody-less, rapid fire, rabid & wired, skin peeling GRIND godamn CORE! It’s just now the gore factor has almost been plucked entirely from the equation. Even the song titles aren’t what they used to be, forget more “Ruptured Remains in a Doggy Bag” like titles, we’re dealing with a “mature” Regurgitate now.

Songs like “Amphigory” and “Lobotochrist” though still have the same “stop-start-groove-grind-what the hell, only Regurgitate can get away with THAT kind of riffing” that gloriously littered “Carnivorous Erection” (still my preferred material from the band), but for the most part everything here has a more “From Enslavement…” Napalm Death style of grind. A seething, incinerating, whirlwind of riffing approach.

Unfortunately though that’s where this album goes wrong in that it’s a much less varied effort than the previously mentioned “Carnivorous Erection” as well as the classic comparison of “F.E.T.O.”. Not that “Deviant” is instantly forgettable, nor a chore to enjoy, only that when stacked up next to both “Carnivorous Erection” and “Hatefilled Vengeance” it falls unfortunately flatter than it should have.

The Production is handled by one Mierre Mongo in the famous Sound Lab Studios, but if you’re like me then you assumed that the Scott Burns of grind core Mieszko Talarczyk (RIP, you were one HELL of a mixer/engineer, i personally can't express how much of a loss you truely are...) mixed and mastered this piece of grind due to the abrasive nature of it all. The mastering is louder than a tornado siren and everything seemingly explodes from the speakers and detonates your skull from one ear drum to the other and back around to make sure EVERY last bit of cerebral content is expelled.

Going back to the music at hand there are 3 surprises: Regurgitate playing a solo (or what could be considered a solo) in “The Ultimate Enslavement”. And in the song following; “Systematic Demoralization” a drum intro similar to Carcass’s “Ruptured in Purulence” takes place before of course obliterating ALL with a standard blast routine. And then even ANOTHER solo appears on “Crossed out Existence”.

Aside from a few stand out moments it’s a fairly standard grinding album, exactly what you would expect from Regurgitate following “Hatefilled Vengeance”, but if you were at all disappointed with that recording I can’t recommend you towards purchasing “Deviant”.

With it’s noticeable faults aside this is highly recommended to grindcore fans, but still not recommendable to the gore freaks. I would also suggest this to any extreme music fan who loves a band to be untouchably tight. I don’t think there ever has been or ever will be a grind band as precise as Regurgitate are on “Deviant”

For you gore fiends I say just wait for the new Last Days of Humanity-you know they’ll deliver the pus spattering, brains from a split skull oozing, rancid pulp for genitals gore.