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Very good goregrind. - 85%

LifeInAFireBox, January 19th, 2005

I'm not a hater of grind. But I'm not a lover either. But, I can definetly appriciate the pure crazy energy of a good grind album. As many co-reivews have written of grind, the songs are generally ridiculously short, and may sound all alike if you don't listen to grindcore (or if the band is simply bad, in which case, it is true) - but, that is not the case with Regurgitate.

Super high-energy, death/punk fused gorey madness. And yes, the songs do have variety, and no, they don't all sound the same. The riffage here is so insane, and much more tolerable and ... more thoughout than most grind. The vocals range from top-of-his-lungs screams, to bowel-sent gutterally low growls.

There's enough groove and rhythmic changes here to please average anti-grinder (or at least stop them from complaining about it). When you do get a punkish feel from the music, it's not of the weak kind. It's furious and unrestrained, not weak, goofy sounding stuff like some grindcore bands. There are some seriously killer death metal riffs here, in the vein of Misery Index.

As in most grind, there are some clips at the start and end of songs, for some good effect. They're not over used, or overly-long, fortunately.

No ridiculously high screams, or stupid non-sense vocals. No overly sloppy druming, in fact, the drumming is very good. And a lot more variety than most grind, in the guitar section, and in the song structure, arrangment, and sound all together. This is good grind. If you don't like this, you are definetly a hater of grind. For any grindcore fan - this is a must.