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Eh - 41%

raspberrysoda, December 24th, 2015

This single, recorded in 1994 by Fenriz of Darkthrone , features 2 songs, the likely the only ones in existence of his side project Regress FF. If features nothing special at all- 2 below average Motorhead influenced tracks, with a production that will make the LLN sound like they were recorded in a proper recording studio.

The instruments are nothing special, except for the distant drums which dominate this single with their simple but fast beats. The guitars sound like a very weird fuzz and have some very unexceptional punk riffs, and are accomapanied by a semi-audible bass which isn't that impressive either. Fenriz's vocals in the two songs are very punky and immediately bring a more black metal version of Henry Rollins, but more mature and serious.

Overall, this single shouldn't be taken very seriously as it features nothing memorable at all and can be forgotten after a listen.