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Redrum - 80%

Zerberus, August 19th, 2013

Redrum from Sacramento, CA, though not a band with a very original name, are by connoisseurs considered to be a classic underground American thrash band. They only ever released a handful of demos of varying quality, but the main attraction here is their one full length album "Power Corrupts", which was re-released in 2007 by Evil Legend with new artwork (and thank god for that, 'cause the old artwork was terrible).

Redrum is as 80's as they come. Thrash riffs coming out the ass, d-beats aplenty, powerful basslines and raw vocals with affinity for USPM-esque screams as well. All in all a great recipe for political thrash metal straight from the states. Unfortunately the otherwise classic songwriting gets a proverbial kick in the groin by one of the most tinny and flat productions I've ever heard. Many thrash bands of the mid 80's had terrible production, and often this added a certain flavour that connected all the American bands of the time, but with Redrum it can sometimes be hard to focus on anything but the hihats which are being brutally punished repeatedly. It's a terrible shame because the riffs and solos are fantastic. The band's genuine thrash riffs could pull teeth, and songs such as the title track Power Corrupts and Greenhouse are well worth a spin.

If you feel a need to get back to basics with thrash and you can get around the shoddy production, Power Corrupts is a gem of American metal often overlooked.

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Not the best but a decent release - 80%

TexanCycoThrasher, June 9th, 2009

Being one of many thrash bands to emerge in the late eighties didn’t give Redrum much headway in the thrash scene, in their fifth teen minutes of fame they produced an under the radar classic.

Now production wise Power Corrupts isn’t the best out there, the entire album has an incomplete sound to it. This is mostly because of the under mixed bass.

As for musicianship these guys run about average. The most outstanding aspect of Power Corrupts is the guitar work, now it’s not really that special, but compared to the rest it’s decent. The riffs carry a nice energetic touch to them, and are fairly fast. Solos are good & fast but not that memorable, you’ll mainly be remembering the riffs to this album. But as for the rhythm section, what you can hear of it is good (and that’s normally the drums). The drums fills are catchy and speedy as well, but because of the sloppy mix not as audible as they should be. The bass suffers the same fate as the percussion but gets the worse end of it. It’s heard the best on World War III on the intro but that’s probably the best you’ll hear of it. As for vocals their not very strong, this guy is good but he has a weak sound to the way he sings. To me he sounds similar to the singer of Foreigner. But if you have the choice get the re-master, the quality’s much better (not to mention the cover art as well). But onward to the lyrics, it’s the usual political/environmental commentary that you get, with Evil’s End being the stand out track with a passage from the bible about the apocalypse.

So generally speaking, Power Corrupts is a decent album, but it carries some downsides that lower that good vibe, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't get it-80%.

My kind of thrash! - 88%

The_Boss, May 19th, 2009

Sacramento's Redrum kicks off their thrashing debut in 1989 with Power Corrupts, a politically charged, riff based album with some kickass vocals. Evil Legend Records pick up these boys with their early work and straight from the get go we are present with this nice slab of thrash. It's hard to pick off a straightforward and most prominent influence here, it's all there really; everything from Metallica to Megadeth to Heathen and Exodus. Riffing insanity like Vio-lence and Exodus straight up with the melodies of Metallica. This is my kind of fucking thrash!

Right off the bat with a nice and catchy opener, Frontline shows you Redrum is here and there's no fuckin' with 'em. Each song continues to show you Redrum doesn't fuck around and leading up to Commando with some wicked and pummeling riffs that lead you to headbang and a great vocal performance. The title track shows an even better vocal display with some sweet falsettos and awesome background shouts, these guys nailed it! The lead work is spectacular, amazingly showing a versatile delivery of melodic and somewhat technical forays into the thrash territory of speedy shredding. I'm instantly reminded of Exodus and Heathen here, heaps of melody thrown in make for some kickass thrashin'! Power Corrupts has a nice combination of influence within the American titans, with a rhythm section somewhat similar to Testament at times, easily shown on P.T.L., a fun riff-o-rama and the killer vocals.

This is a fairly short debut, but is straight to the point and showing you what thrash fucking metal really is. The musicianship is top notch, straight from the middle of nowhere these boys have come and struck gold, they're still active too! Who knows, maybe they'll pull a Heathen and release a new album soon kicking the Unearth-poser ass! I highly suggest you take the time to find this album if you are at all interested in melodic and Bay Area style thrash, this is killer and highly memorable with plenty of catchy choruses and awesome riffing, if you're a thrasher you will enjoy this album, I can't exactly find too much wrong with this, Redrum will probably never break into a huge popularity surge (obviously they never did) but this is seriously some kick ass music with few drawbacks. I'd like to see more falsettos and some more lead work like found on the title track, either way Redrum's debut should not be missed.