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HOHOHO, there'll be NO Xmas this year! :-) - 90%

Brat1983, April 19th, 2005

Red Warszawa may be pretty unknown to everybody outside of Denmark (and since most of their lyrics are in Danish, they probably wouldn't stand a chance of breaking through on the international market), but in Denmark they have a rather big following.
Their lyrics focuse on politics in Denmark as well as simple every-day stuff... and hysterical funny topics that I never would have considered writing about. This band is just fantastic!

What we have here is a heavy metal Xmas single entitled Julemandens Selvmordsbrev (meaning Santa's Suicide Note). The title track is a heavy one with jingling bells and wonderful lyrics of Santa killing himself because the pressure around Xmas is too damn huge. The chorus is just marvellous! "Der bli'r ingen jul i år.... der bli'r ingen jul i ååååååååååååååååååår" (there'll be no Xmas this year... there'll be no Xmas this yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaar) Nice solo by Henning who actually is an extremely skilled guitarist!
Jens is a terrible vocalist, but he does it good (which may sound weird to some readers...). He can' sing and he probably never will be able to. His vocals are reminiscent of the local pub where people get drunk and when they start to do karaoke they more or less just shout the song... and that's pretty much Jens' way of "singing". It works pretty damn well in Red Warszawa :-)

Hva' Så (meaning what's up? (not to be confused with the 4 Non Blondes track in any way)) is another heavy track sung by RW's drummer at the time, Lars Gerrild. Had it been in English, this track would probably be banned in every way in the US (what a pity it isn't in English....)

Last track is called Masturbation, it's sung by Henning and it's actually pretty catchy and it's funny as fuck! A really cool track where you can't help singing along the chorus! Oh yeah, and this one is actually sung in English.

Pick up this single if you're a fan... or pick it up if you wanna be introduced to Red Warszawa. It's worth every penny! Heavy and hilarious :-)