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apocalyptic cyber metal - 80%

Apophis, March 22nd, 2004

Before you read any further, let me make one thing clear. If you started listening to Red Harvest, as I did, with Sick Transit Gloria Mundi; and you expect all Red Harvest albums to sound near enough the same... you'll be disappointed with this album.

This album demonstrates the amount of evolution Red Harvest have taken in their 15 year, and seven album (not inc. the reissue of sorts of 'NewRage...') & an EP, career.
One thing with Red Harvest that is constant throughout their entire back-catalogue is their ability to make you unsure what direction the next song on the album is going to be. For example, just when you've come out the other end of a bleak brooding slow song, Red Harvest pick you up by your ears, smack you about a bit and proceed to thrash the hell out of the music.

'There's Beauty...' is just such a mixed bag of tricks, to mix analogies there. At times the music is like a death metal Ministry (without resorting to formulaeic DM tactics), at others Red Harvest sounds like what other bands can only dream of.

For want of a better comparison, if you are a fan of the Aborym album 'Fire Walk With Us', this is kind of like it's bigger, beefier and altogether more muscular older brother.
Although still sounding a little less polished than Sick Transit Gloria Mundi, which is in part due to the production of Neil Kernon on that particular album, Red Harvest show a glimmer of their future potential and a slight nod towards those who have influenced them.

This album should sit rather snugly next to either of Red Harvest's last two releases with ease.