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last chance to evacuate the Earth! - 100%

Apophis, March 22nd, 2004

What an album. What a sound.

Those of you unfamiliar to the Red Harvest sound, should go out and buy Cold Dark Matter, but also you will no doubt be unfamiliar with the distinct brand of "apocalyptic cybermetal" that Red Harvest create.
'Create' being the operative word here, as Red Harvest don't just play music... they create dark forboding atmospheres and a sound that near enough induces the brain to feel like it is floating on an invisible layer of sludge, almost tempting you to jump from a height and see what happens.

Some have described Red Harvest's riffs as "Godflesh collapsed on Darkthrone", which whilst going someway to describing the sheer power of the guitars on this album and for this band, much credit must also be given to the synths and electronics created by LRZ - who incidentally also produced the album - as well as the precision drumming of Eric Wroldsen. Elements all of which go into making the liquid euphoria that is the experience of listening to a Red Harvest album.

Opener 'UGX' isn't really anything other than a synth loop intro, leading the way into one of the standout tracks on the album, 'AEP', which is also the track that has been used most to advertise 'Sick Transit...'.
AEP manages to blend not just outright mid-to-fast paced thrashing in an almost war-like fashion, but also adds in a few lucid intervals of melody as well. Just as the final chords of AEP blast their way out of the speakers, it's then the turn of Godtech to try and act almost like an antidote to the pure speed and frenzy of the previous track, by going at a much slower pace and creating a very much worthwhile almost transcendental piece of music.

I could try and go through the rest of each of the tracks on this album, but quite frankly I could not do them justice, and you're best off buying this album because i can assure you, you won't regret it.