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Above all Else, Decent - 75%

Svartekrist, August 31st, 2011

Red Fang, what can be said? If you happen to be into stoner metal, stoner rock, or anything stoner at all, this is your cup of tea. Murder the Mountains is best described as a groovy, heavy, thunderous ride of fun metal. The band is not too serious, nor too humorous, and that analogy is easily applicable for most if not all of the aspects of the music found on this album.

For starters, the guitars. The playing style in general is typical, with a saturated sound that can be very dense when the bass guitar accompany the mix. The guitars are spastic and executed rather well. As for the bass guitar itself, it is great. Sure, it does nothing new, but it gives off such a dense feel that really makes the music heavy as thunder and just as hard-hitting. The drums as well, excellent. Great sense of rhythm, yet not afraid to pick up the pace or slow down. These are highly enjoyable. As for the vocals, clean but a little raw at times, giving off a sense of primitive rage, and they are done right. Relaxed with a laid back attitude.

As for the technical stuff, the mixing and production is phenomenal. Clean but not sterile, gritty but yet making everything audible. Just the way it should be. The songwriting though, not as great sadly. Having many catchy and memorable moments pays off, but having equally many not so catchy and memorable moments, does not. This is probably the biggest weakness of Murder the Mountains. But as far as musicianship goes, it is clearly heard, everything runs like a clockwork. So aside from the half good, half bad songwriting, there is not much more bad to say about Murder the Mountains. In other words, while not perfect, at least worthwhile.

Overall, there is not much to hold against Red Fang on this one. Quite bland and boring songwriting regarding some songs, but otherwise pulled off with excellence.

Stand-out tracks: Painted Parade, Wires, Hand is Dead, Throw Up.