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A Much More Complete Effort - 87%

HoovesCarveCraters, April 25th, 2011

Who doesn’t like Red Fang? Seriously, this band has become synonymous with fun. Don’t believe me? Go on youtube and watch their video for “Prehistoric Dog”, if you don’t smile you’re not human.

Unfortunately, that was far and away the best song on Red Fang’s eponymous debut on Sargent House Records. Well, now they’re on Relapse (home of Mastodon, Indian, Bloodiest, and other excellent artists). While Red Fang was more background music most of the time, Murder the Mountains is definitely a more active listen. There’s a really heavy Kyuss/Foo Fighters vibe on this one (case in point, “Hank is Dead”). Bassist/vocalist Aaron Beam has the perfect stoner metal voice, combine that with the non-stop riffing of guitarists David Sullivan and Maurice Bryan Gilles and the tight as fuck drumming of John Sherman you get a trippy combination that is perfect to get stoned to. While I mentioned earlier that Murder the Mountains is a more active listen than Red Fang, that doesn’t mean it’s not fun. Tracks like “Dirt Wizard” and “Painted Parade” make perfect background music to throw back a dozen beers to. And if you ever wondered what a hangover would sound like in auditory form look no further than the aptly titled “Throw Up”. Do you like Black Sabbath? Red Fang do too, and they want to show you on “Into the Eye” and “The Undertow”!

Murder the Mountains has a little something for everyone. Yes, some tracks sound a little bit too similar and about three songs in you get the general idea of the album, but that isn’t too much of a bother. Chances are, you’re too drunk or stoned to care anyway. Fans of the band’s first album will be more than pleased to see a steady, yet gentle evolution in Red Fang’s sound. Casual metal fans will be happy with the restrained heaviness. As for the rest of us, well, we can just sit back, smile, and down a few beers for the boys in Red Fang for a job well done.