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Promising at first, ultimately disappointing - 65%

Colar, September 7th, 2011

Having already listened to their first record a few times, I came to one conclusion: they had everything to make a great record, but they lacked songs. They had a great production, a nice identity, an ultra catchy and well written lead single with a funny music video, but that's all. One single while the rest of the record was fillers.

So, how about their second record, Murder the Mountains? Well, it suffers from the exact same problem, but here the filler songs are a little better and the lead single sounds a little less killer. That's pretty much it. A great production, nice band identity, catchy and well written lead single, and a bunch of fillers and instantly forgotten songs. Don't let them fool you, because it sure sounds cool at first, but in the end it is simply a boring album. It's maybe worse giving a listen or two because of one good song (yeah okay, maybe two), but do not expect more from this band.

In fact, they sound a lot like Queens of the Stone Age minus the songwriting talent.