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Same Old Sound, Good Old Sound - 80%

Scubatoor, December 15th, 2013

Rectal Smegma is a dutch goregrind band that throughout their career have really showcased their ability to put forth these massive grooves. Their new and fourth record, Becoming the Bitch is no exception. Becoming the Bitch is the follow up to 2011's Because We Care which was one of my favorite albums of the year for 2011. Naturally when I saw the announcement of this record some months ago I got really hyped for it. Because We Care and Keep on Smiling are such massive goregrind records that Rectal Smegma really had some high expectations to overcome with this new record.

Being the fourth record from the band, this band has long since had their style and have simply been refining it since their first full-length Licking a Leper and possibly from their start under the name Carnal Rancidity. This album further proves the old saying that you can't teach an old dog new tricks. This is very much a by the books goregrind album and doesn't improve or change the way in which Rectal Smegma approach their music. This is not a bad thing however, because this is a band that know what they are doing. Thick grooves, a mix of goregrind and what I assume are powerviolence vocals, along with mid paced drumming and hilarious samples throughout.

One thing that has been improving over the last few records from Rectal Smegma, though in small amounts per record, is their production. Goregrind is a genre famous for its lo-fi production and this is a band that while not having a super refined top 40 sound, is a cut above the rest in production within the goregrind genre. All the instruments can clearly be heard. All the cymbals, the guitars, the vocals, and even the bass which is a rarity even among well produced albums.

This album doesn't have many standout tracks since they all seem to follow the same formula of super thick groovy goregrind, however the closing track "Manobar (Lord of the Drinks)" is a very funny jab at the famous power metal band Manowar. None of the hilarious samples on this record come close to the balls out funny that is Yannic attempting to do power metal vocals.

I would like to see Rectal Smegma try some new things and change up their formula just a little bit. However; this is a band that has their fan base, that like their current sound, and would probably go crazy if they changed one thing. This is a band that knows their style, do it very well, and always deliver with each new album.