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Above The Average - 89%

DementE, January 10th, 2007

Reclusiam is a one man Funeral Doom band, or as the site would say "Enigmatic Funeral Doom". Basically what we have in this free demo is your general funeral doom set up. 10+ minute songs, long and drawn out chords, deep, death-like vocals, and that absolute feeling of despair. What happens to be different is how everything is incorporated and put together.

While this CD does sound alot like every other Funeral Doom band, upon further inspection, you will see how differnet it truly is. Parasellar for example throws in an organ and a violin toward the end, with a flowing and depressing sound, his demon-like vocals continue to shower you with despair. While some Doom bands do utilize these instruments, I believe Reclusiam incorporates them absolutely perfect. It truely is a stand-out point for this demo. Just as the song concludes, Litanies of Rust and Decay explodes in with deep growls and a catchy riff.

Other stand-outs are Enim Corpus Meum (Hill 60). The song starts out with a low hum, and a repetetive murmor over it. Just as you start to feel dazed, the drums and guitar burst out. The song keeps up the slow ambeint bit throughout the song and again picks up toward the end. The final song Scotoma is a perfect outro. With a low atmospheric tone, and a sudden burst of a flute, it leaves you in a downright spell of disillusion.

In conclusion, this album, like most funeral doom, requires your absolute attention and the right atmosphere. All 4 songs are amazingly good, and the perpetual despair that this demo evokes on you is outstanding. I would have scored it in the 90's range, but the repetition does surface from time to time. Besides, its a free demo? What have you got to loose?