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Reclaim The Future - Mira - 91%

Edmund Sackbauer, March 7th, 2019
Written based on this version: 2018, CD, More Hate Productions

Reclaim The Future are a pretty youngish band having been founded in 2016. Hailing from Saint Petersburg they have already released full length album number two called “Mira” following up on their debut “The last quiet Day”. Not being familiar with their first effort I was pretty impressed once I have hit the play button.

The five guys play a brand of melodic death metal that is first and foremost based on crunchy and hard hitting riffs. A lot of bands flying under this branch of music tend to concentrate more on the melodic and dramatic elements but Reclaim The Future have put a lot of emphasis on the metal factor. The chords are straight forward and while most of them have been done in a similar way a lot of times before they are presented with the enthusiasm and energy you would love to hear from some of the bigger names again. The melodic lead guitars often work in the background to create a dense and often slightly melancholic atmosphere. There are some nice solos of course but the song structures and how those sections have been embedded into the bigger picture are in the main focus.

The rhythm section works like a well-oiled unit building a solid backbone to the melodic elements and the driving main chords. Most of the tracks stay in the mid-tempo area but there are also some faster parts. There are a lot of laid-back and groovy sections with an ambient feel to them. Those parts underline how important it was for the band to create a nice and often hypnotic mood over the distance of the whole record. There are a few more modern elements weaved into the overall sound but generally speaking Reclaim The Future firmly stay within the territory of traditional melo-death.

It speaks for the talent of the band that they have managed to take all these single pieces and put them together to create some memorable and stringent songs. The whole album has a great flow with groovier and more intense parts alternating with each other so that there is not one moment of boredom. With a running time of just a bit over half an hour I had the feeling that the end came too fast.

I also need to mention singer Mikhail who has a powerful and demanding voice. His aggressive screaming is varied and on point and his delivery helps ramping up the intensity of the whole affair up a notch or two. With a nearly flawless and punchy production and a fantastic artwork “Mira” for sure is another highlight of the More Hate catalogue and a convincing piece of melodic death metal.