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A Furious Wave Of Thrash - 87%

Erin_Fox, October 28th, 2006

From the opening notes of “Desperation”, it is obvious that Reckless Tide are an immensely powerful force upon the thrash metal scene. “Repent Or Seal Your Fate” is the debut from these talented headbangers, and a mighty debut it is. Crunching guitars, interesting arrangements and a dual vocalist attack further increases the viscosity of Reckless Tide, bringing to light a sound that is urgent and determinedly crushing.

With “Self Destruct”, you’ll find a relentless thrash metal assault, as the group thrusts forward into a virulent metal foray that shows them to be a talent to be reckoned with, indeed. A grimy, evil nature permeates the opening strains of “The Hunt” a tune that maintains a dark crawl that is enhanced with the contrasting vocal styles of Andrew Troth and Kjell Hallgreen. A formidable guitar pairing, Susanne Swillus and Oliver Jatth relay thick chugging and razor edged licks, melding their diametrical styles together with an assertive prowess.

The up-tempo title track delivers a crushing cut of well-honed German steel, which is rich with energy and thoroughly forceful. Reckless Tide offer up track after track of high quality metal, with standouts being the aforementioned “Desperation”, “Misery” and the final number on the record “Reckless Tide”.

These Teutonic titans are one overwhelming steamroller of pervasive, unadulterated thrash and metal listeners are well advised to jump aboard for the ride or get the hell out of their way! Reckless Tide are coming through and there's no stopping them!