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This EP kicks ass! - 85%

paranj, June 29th, 2009

Rebellion seems like a well established band in the power metal scene. Shamefully, this is my first encounter with their music and it won't be forgotten soon. As this is an EP wiht only four tracks, I will follow the despised track by track review method. I beg your pardon in advance.

The first track is the awesome 'Clans are Marching'. It starts off with a powerful chorus with echoes and stuff and then kicks in an acoustic guitar playing a melodic tune in the background. Really sets a great mood for the EP. After some moments, the electric guitars kick in with a very headbangable tune. The vocals are powerful and the chorus is very catchy. It was hard to control myself from singing along it during my second course through the EP. The bass is literally absent due to the production and is the chief reason I deducted some score. The drumming is tight, quite fast and rythymic. There is this fascinating part in the end with someone from the band playing a bagpipe or something. Whatever that instrument is, it sounds totally folk-ish and great!

The next song is Arise. It starts off with what seems a piano intro and then the drums and guitars kick in with a capturing melody and some great riffs. The vocals again fail to dissapoint and the lyrics are beautiful too. The bass is hardly audible and I really craved to listen to it! Too bad. Anyways, this song also kicks ass like the previous. This track incorporates some lead work which is quite nice. It ends with the piano playing in the background and some battlefield esque chants.

Moving on to Ragnarok. This track kicks off at a good speed with some raw guitar riffs and some consistent, tight drumming. The vocals are again mesmerising. The lyrics are again power metal type. This song has some awesome riffs. The drum fills rock too. The solo on this track is a slow atmospheric one and is quite decent.

The final song is My Blood In The Snow. It starts of peacefully with an acoustic guitar melody playing in the background with some clean, normal vocals. It sounds pleasent and catchy. It then kicks off with a nice riff. The guitars on this track are decent compared to the rest of the album. The vocals still fucking rule. The drumming is consistent with a few fill-ins here and there. At around, 3/4 mark, this song changes into an extrememly catchy one. Then a solo kicks in which is short and okay. The song is just as the rest of the album, amazing!

I will say that if you stumble upon this somewhere, be sure to pick it up. It's a great EP. Can't wait for their next album to come.