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A very strong rebirth - 96%

kluseba, February 6th, 2011

After the rather weak second part of the trilogy, I was still hoping for a great comeback and authentic and atmospheric third part, but the last album was delayed many times and this EP was finally released shortly before the final part has been published.

I just can say that this brilliant little gem was worth waiting for. "The clans are marching" is a cover of the legendary song by Grave Digger and this new version has a more epic introduction and some faster and sharper riff attacks. The singer of Rebellion does a more emotional and diversified job than Grave Digger have done over one decade ago and though I like both versions a lot, I must admit that the new one is better from a technical point of view. This song is way more than just a cover song and has its own approach and flair as it fits to the style of the band.

"Arise" is taken from the upcoming album and a melodic and epic track with a catchy chorus and mystical atmosphere that reminds of the brilliant first part of the trilogy. "Ragnarök" has also a mystical atmosphere and is a little bit more complex than the previous song and less easy to approach but surely a great little epic track that creates high hopes and expectations for the next release.

"My blood in the snow" is an exclusive track that didn't make it on the album and I ask myself why, because this song is atmospheric, diversified and powerful and especially brilliantly sung. This track reminds me as well of the style of the first part of the trilogy and is maybe even the best part of this great EP.

Finally, there is also a video clip for a live performance of the first track that is of a quite weak quality as it has been shot by a little hand camera. But the song shows that the band has a great stage presence and is able to animate a big crowd.

All in all, this EP is a great gimmick for any fan of the band and for me the rebirth of the style that I admired so much on the first part of the trilogy. I would say that this is easily the best single or EP of the year 2009 and I quite often listen to it as it is short, diversified and yet pure heavy metal. By the way, it is better than the band's last little gem, the "Miklagard" single output.