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A nice little gem - 88%

kluseba, February 6th, 2011

After the straight Teutonic approach of the epic first part of the trilogy, the band realized that they had already created their personal opus magnum and wanted to try out something different and new without denying their traditional trademarks. What came out of this is a very well done single with a truly beautiful video clip.

The song of this limited gem starts with a dreamy and very impressive main riff before an epic chant comes in as well as a solid bass line and heavy drums. The chorus is written for the ages and will stay forever on your mind once you have listened to it. In comparison to other works of the band, this song is quite calm and doesn't need a guitar solo. The singer is varying more than ever with soft but strong whisperings, rough roaring and epic melodic approaches. He shows that he is one of the most talented singers of its kind and he is the most important factor alongside the very hypnotic riff and catchy chorus to create a truly epic atmosphere. In the beginning, the song may sound unusual and even repetitive but after a while I realized that this is probably the strongest track of the upcoming record and something fresh and new after all the things they have already created.

If you have the occasion to purchase this limited gem, you should do it, even if the song is included on the next album. The video clip is brilliant, the cover truly beautiful and the song is worth buying it alone to support the band. The only negative point which rates my voting down is that there is only one song on this gem and that the band could have made something greater out of this occasion as they have later done with an amazing EP.

Song = 95%
Package (cover, video, quality) = 90%
Value for money (and content) = 80%

Final rating = 88%