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Quickie - 65%

SweetLeaf95, June 13th, 2018

Run In Fear is just about what I usually expect as a very first release from any band. Reaper formed in 2016 based out of Australia, bearing this EP as their only release which dropped earlier this year. Basically, it's thrash metal with crossover influences that is executed pretty well but really doesn't show much innovation. Five tracks that fit together nicely, albeit don't have anything to stand apart. That said, it somewhat acts as one giant eighteen minute song (the almost non-existent gap between tracks doesn't help this). I will admit though, that album artwork is pretty killer.

Production wise, this is very pleasing to the ear, and the riffs come through with a lot of stamina and don't get lost in a wall of noise. Melody and tight rhythms are present, and strong drum blasts and bass undertones are everywhere. Where it drops the ball a bit is the generic nature and lack of interesting ideas. Not everything needs to bring something completely new to the table to be great, but there does need to be a key factor, and Run In Fear doesn't really have anything special like that. One standout moment is the solo in "Nemesis", as it shreds hard yet carries a nice consonance. Other than that though, the rest of the record sort of plays as jammable music that isn't memorable. Another flaw is that the vocalist doesn't sound very enthusiastic or threatening. It's raspy but doesn't hook the ear in any way. Not horrible, but again, not special.

Really, this is pretty typical of a band's very first EP, and there are strong signs of ability and hope for something pretty awesome in the works. The music here would make for a very enjoyable live show, it just doesn't quite have the chops fit for amazing studio work yet. Definitely worth a spin for fans of thrash/crossover/punk.