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Debut from a stand-out thrash band - 89%

creeping_thrash, May 24th, 2010

When I first heard Razormaze two years ago, my impression was "These guys could have been on Metal Massacre 7!" The song that hooked me was "Lobotomized", with its memorable vocal melody, exemplifying that which sets them apart from the crowd. Their sense of melody and ability to write technical yet catchy songs left me in suspense awaiting their debut album.

Razormaze didn't disappoint - The True Speed of Steel is a collection of eight memorable songs full of tight musicianship and sweep-picked shredding leads. The album starts out with a bass-and-drum jam which morphs into the guitar-crazy instrumental "Dawn of the Shred." Track two, "Annihilator," introduces the guitar and vocal hooks that get inside your brain with repeated listens. Their influences seem to run the gamut from NWOBHM to Cacophony-esque shred-thrash and more. The band keeps things catchy and interesting throughout, even injecting a spaghetti-western feel into the song "Desperado," probably my favorite off the album.

Razormaze are a technical thrash band playing songs that you can headbang to, play air guitar to AND sing along to. If that's what you like in music, check them out right now, for your own good!!