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The Pinnacle of bad, generic Thrash. - 10%

Likeyoucare, May 22nd, 2010

'87-'89 was a period in Thrash time when all the great Thrash bands were starting to loose their edge, and waves of generic, rip-off Thrash bands started hitting the scene. Well, in '09 and '10 it's happening again, and the pinnacle of bad, generic Thrash bands, Razormaze, released "The True Speed of Steel".

"The True Speed of Steel" is by far the worst Retro-Thrash album out. The vocals sound horrible, and the same throughout every song, the riffs are boring and EXTREMELY forgettable, and the song writing is a terrible attempt at humor.

So, now I ask myself, "where to start?" I guess I'll start with the vocals. The vocals are the worst part, they sound like a child is singing, a child trying to sound heavy. The lyrics are suppose to be humorous, but the vocals are so bad that I wind up laughing at the singing instead. And the gang chants, seriously? That is the most overused gimmick in Retro-Thrash, and so far only Municipal Waste has been able to do it right. Gang chants are supposed to be powerful, and slam the chorus into your brain, instead, Razormaze's chants come off sounding like three dudes, bored in room, half-assing the chants. And Razormaze overuse the chants to an extreme. I could go on all day about the terrible vocals, but I think the song "Slaughterotica" sums up everything I could say about the vocals.

And now the bass. What bass? I didn't hear a single bass note in this entire album.

Moving on, the drums. The drumming ranges from pretty bad to decent. There are a few moments where the drummer sounds like he has some talent, but is just too uninspired to attempt anything good. These occasions; however, are few and far between. A majority of the time, the drummer just plays simplistic drum patterns, much in the same way as Lars Ulrich.

If the album is so bad, why 10%? That 10% comes from the guitar, but not the riffs, the solos. I'll talk about the riffs first. The riffs are boring, and forgettable. I don't remember half of the riffs, and the ones I do remember are lame Rock, Metal and Thrash combinations that sound like an amateur attempt at combination Motorhead with Metallica. The guitar player does however whip up some decent solos as if from nowhere. I'm not saying their amazing, but they are decent solos.

In conclusion, avoid this album. This is the reason why people hate Retro-Thrash. Clearly the band are just trying to capitalize on the Thrash movement, as many bands did in the '80s. Don't buy it, don't download it, don't waste time on this band.