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Annihilation - 95%

DeathHalt, November 4th, 2015
Written based on this version: 2013, CD, Slaney Records (Limited edition)

Like the title implies, this represents a change from the sound we heard in The True Speed Of Steel. They have left the childish vocals to give us a Matt Drake like sound, which fits perfectly for the riffs all over this album. We were expecting a change on their sound since the Miseries EP, and fortunately I'm more than happy with the result.

It would be suitable to say that Razormaze have chosen the Evile way, just to put it in some way. Sam Nevi's vocals have found their measure expressing the same kind of force and tune. That would be a big downside for a band that have came out to the thrash scene after the aforementioned Evile, but this isn't just about the sound of the vocals, we also have the guitar, bass and drum work.

The guitars are strong and thrashy enough, and although they aren't very original, they aren't that generic neither. The strong point here are the leads, the melodies and of course, the solos. As I've said before, they fit perfectly with the vocals, in almost every song, just like in the case of the introductory "Something Like A War" or in the last song "Without Words". The intro and outro are a crucial point in an album, and these songs execute that role perfectly. The drums are clean and strong, and have fills when they need to. The rhythm gets kind of progressive sometimes, and that helps build the album's originality. And the same goes for the bass, in such way that the drums and bass mate almost as one.

The equalization is great, so you can perceive the tunes and notes almost going through your ears and getting into your brain. So, if you're looking for an old school sound with a poor quality, go and get it somewhere else.

I hope for this guys the can continue doing works like this in a close future. The thrash scene needs bands that can give it life, and of course Razormaze have the potential to be a pillar of it.