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Forget Slayer! - 92%

overkill67, April 13th, 2004

Yeah yeah, slayer this and slayer that...Fuckin' RAZOR people. These guys were the real deal. From the Angst driven opener of "the marshall arts" to the climatic "soldier of fortune"...this album is like a freight train that just keeps picking up speed, until it finally smashes you right in the face and leaves you wondering what the fuck just happened. Dave Carlo was the origional Canadian pioneer of thrash metal. The reason I chose to write a rewiew for this particular album from their lengthy catalogue is simple...these guys proved that they were TRULY about the music with this one. Released in 1988 when most of the bands from this genre had somewhat slowed things down and released more "friendly" sounding albums (and justice for all, state of euphoria, under the influence, south of heaven) these guys sped things up! They became even more brutal and ferocious, leaving no doubt to their loyal fans that there was absolutely no room for compromise. You if you haven't heard this album...then stop saying that "reign in blood" is a're selling yourself short...It is my understanding that Dave hasn't been in writing mode for some time now, but as of September 2003 when I last spoke to him in Toronto, he did say that he had an album worth of material that he was reluctant not to optimism is dying off however because there hasn't been an update about these guys in almost 6 months...I hope we are graced by at least one more Razor offering before Mr. Carlo really does call it a day.