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The quintessential Razor album - 91%

morbert, June 9th, 2010

Canada, a country often unjustly overlooked when thrash is discussed. Of course the US and Germany not only brought forth some of the greatest thrash acts but especially the highest amount. However when discussing Canada for more than 10 seconds, the list of recollections is obvious. Aggression, Dead Brain Cells, Soothsayer, Voivod, Sacrifice, Infernäl Mäjesty and we can go on if we like.

Razor are a band all thrashers worldwide at least know about. With 5 thrash metal albums already during the eighties, how could anyone overlook them? The biggest argument against Razor, or complaint if you like, is that people often say the band released the same album over and over during the period ’85-’91 with only the vocals and production sounding slightly different each time.
When not accustomed to the style, I can agree to a certain point. Razor did indeed have the AC-DC approach to thrash metal. A few riffs per song, high pace all the time and just go! But why change a winning team?

So I a way you could say, if you like one Razor album, you’ll like them all. But for me the vocals (which at times sound remarkably like Pestilence’s ’87 demos), some of their best riffs and perfectly suiting production make ‘Violent Restitution’ stand out.

Some examples? ‘Behind Bars’ has this simple yet furious Exodus riff on the verses and the finishing touch is the best chorus on the album due to great catchiness. Speaking of Exodus, listen to the intro to ‘Out of the Game’ and even the chorus, including gang shouts. They must be big fans. And if you think ‘hey they’re doing something else!’ like on the into to ‘I'll Only Say it Once’, think again. Just after the intro it’s once again full speed again the thrash metal way. Hell, one can even hear the Venom influence, just try ‘Eve of the Storm’. That vocal line, Cronos would be proud! The change in key to the chorus, once again very Venomish! And this is NOT a complaint. It’s great to hear how Razor directly turn Venom into thrash metal.

Razor is simple, to the point, fast, tight, energetic. Who am I trying to convince? Let’s keep it at this. If you like thrash, you will already have this album, so I don’t need to elaborate further!