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Enraged In '88 - 91%

Peacesells215, January 31st, 2014

Razor is arguably one of the best thrash bands you've never heard of. Since the very beginning (the Armed and Dangerous EP, Executioner's Song, and Evil Invaders), Razor has released a lethal brand of thrash metal with a significant Slayer influence. The previous release (Custom Killing) was experimental for the band. With strange intros, slower songs, and less violent lyrics, there was a legitimate cause for concern. However, in 1988 these crazy Canadians released an album that is the epitome of violence, aggression, and fun. "Violent Restitution" is sadistic, insane, and hateful. In other words, this is an instant thrash classic.

Dave Carlo is a walking human riff factory. If releases in the past couldn't convince you of this, then "Violent Restitution" will. At parts, the riffs are extremely catchy and intense. In others, the riffs are more mid paced, but just as lethal and evil (the break down of "Violent Restitution" or "Edge of the Razor" is a fine example of this.) The solos are short and sweet, don't expect anything lengthy or overly technical. Stace "Sheepdog" has some of the best vocals in all of metal. From the ear piercing, possessed sounding scream on "The Marshall Arts" to the deep, intimidating growls on "Eve of the Storm" he proves time and time again why he is one of the best. Rob Mills was a big improvement over M-Bro's work on "Custom Killing" and "Malicious Intent". He keeps the drum work intense at times, and mid paced in others to add strength to Carlo's guitar work. Lyrically, I can only describe this album as vocal hate for the whole 40 minutes.

Overall, if you like underground, insane, underrated thrash, then this album practically has your name on it. With insane riffs, a vocally talented front man, and some nice drum work, Razor has proved why 1988 wasn't such a bad year for thrash as some may think. If you're a fan of thrash, this album will fail to disappoint.