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THE best thrash album ever. - 99%

drouin, October 23rd, 2012

I would definately rate this album 100%. I just think it would unreasonable. Think about it, how can you rate an album 100% while being objective? Impossible. This is my favorite pure thrash metal release of all time. Bought the original tape back in 1990 after seeing the official video for 'American Luck' on Much Music here in Canada. I had previously heard the Custom Killing LP, which is their least enjoyable effort (for most fans/people anyway). But here we have a totally different band than what Razor was during most of the 80's. All the original members, except for Dave Carlo of course, were gone. Here we have a new 90's version of Razor. New singer Bob Reid. New bassist Adam (Dave's little brother), and new drummer Rob Mills (nickname Quick Snare). The last two also played on the previous LP Violent Restitution. Big changes in line-up, sound and attitude. That Violent Restitution LP quickly buried the two previous efforts (Malicious Intent '86 and Custom Killing '87) because of it's sheer ferocity, speed, violence and take no prisoners approach. Now with Shotgun Justice we get the same approach, multiplied by 10. Hard to imagine how you can replace such an awesome vocalist as Stace 'Sheepdog', but they seem to have found the perfect replacement. A man named Bob Reid whose voice is filled with hatred and attitude. Sure he doesn't have Sheepdog's range and charisma, but boy do Carlo's lyrics sound mean when screamed out through Reid's lungs. Here we have a band that has metamorphosed into this ugly antisocial, angry, hatefilled, revengefull monster. This is the fast, violent, brutal shit. Think Reign In Blood. Think Pleasure To Kill. Think Bonded By Blood.

Dave Carlo churns out the most insane thrash riffs like his life depends on it. Mills' drumming is so fast and tight he probably has no clue as how he managed to play like that. Think Gene Hoglan playing at his fastest on albums like Darkness Descends. Sounds like they were in an extreme hurry. It's spontaneous, urgent and strictly to the point. Only one way to go, straight ahead fast as shit.

Electric Torture might be the ultimate thrash song in existence. Stabbed In The Back talks about all the stupid idiots who turned their backs on the thrash scene by wimping out (like 95% or more of the 80's bands did back then). Lyrics deal with everything from living life the way you want to, quiting your job (Burning Bridges), kicking people in the face (Concussion), rectifyings wrongs by violent means (Shotgun Justice), dealing with stupid people, laws and anything wrong and even killing an abusive drunken father (Parricide). All with big doses of well placed sarcasm.

The music is fast, furious, tight as hell and ferocious. The performances are awesome. You'll feel exhausted after listening to this album. It's not technical, but the way the riffs are played out and the way the songs are structured is nothing short of brilliant. It all flows perfectly. It's not diverse, but it gels completely. A bit like AC/DC. It goes only one way, at one speed, and no one could do it better.

The album sounds really raw and live. The recording budget was probably low. But no other band could have made it sound as good. It's one of those albums that cannot be replicated or matched. It's the ultimate in thrash.

Now i think i will reconsider and rate this one 100%. It just deserves it.