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They will, indeed, show you the Meaning of Pain. - 100%

Button, January 17th, 2010

If Dave Carlo has a "Speed" dial, screw 11, that thing goes to 12. Most super fast guitarists I've heard sacrifice all technicality to play faster, but that is not the case here. While not the most technical riffs, they aren't exactly always simple.

Now, Shotgun Justice. This album is so damn angry. I can't think of any other thrash album that is this pissed off. Every song is pointing a middle finger at something, and it doesn't come off corny or forced. These guys are pissed, and it shows. Reid's vocals compliment Dave's guitars very well as far as attitude goes. The drumming is great, really fast and frantic. The bass is a tad buried, it pokes its head out sometimes, but mostly it provides a good backbone for the guitars. The guitars, holy hell. Damn is Dave abusive to his guitar. He just goes crazy with it. He's a pretty unique player, if you ask me.

Now, as for the speed, if one were to attempt to headbang to this album, one best have health insurance. Even on Meaning of Pain, where they slow down a bit, it still kicks your ass, it's still angry as hell. I don't know a lot of music out there this fast. Holy Moses's album "Finished With The Dogs" comes to mind, though. Dave really shines on this album, his skill really shows, and it's awesome.

Overall a very, very good thrash album, fast and angry, it'll kick you in the face, quite a few times. If you like thrash, get this album.