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Phenomenal - 97%

stormcrusher, September 28th, 2005

This is Razor's third (well fourth, if you count their "Armed and Dangerous" EP, which you should, because it's one of their best releases) album, and this thing so obviously does NOT receive the respect it deserves. Compared to their previous album "Evil Invaders", this seems to be a bit lacking in a few areas (drums). Yeah, yeah, so this guy couldn't play double time on the hi-hat (read: TAP DAT TAP DAT, repeat X100), but that's what makes this album so lovable; the kult appeal is here, for the very fact that so many people will just not "get" it. I'll talk about a few of the songs since most of them follow the same pattern. So now, on to the review....

Things start out with Sheepdog in a rather anxious mood, "TURN IT UP.....TURN IT UP!!!!", then "Tear Me To Pieces" begins. The first thing you notice are the razor sharp (=P) guitar riffs and hi-hat/snare drum beats that provide the momentum of a freight train. Nice chorus, too - "TEAR ME TO PIECES TEAR ME TO PIECES" DUHHH DUHDUNNN DUHDUHDUH DUHHH DUHDUNNN DUHDUHDUH (bangs head like a rabid dog). Next up we have "Night Attack", which resembles the song "Iron Hammer" off "Evil Invaders" a little too much in the first riff (awesome riff, though). Right about here is where we see that Razor follows a very similar pattern from song to song (there's some kult appeal for ya, VARIETY??? WE DON'T NEED NO STINKIN' VARIETY WHEN WE'RE THIS BADASS, FOOL). The next song, "Grindstone", is basically an all-out speed-burst of guitar, drums, bass, and the occasionally trademark "yowl" of Stace 'Sheepdog' McLaren. More hooks and memorable riffs. Up next is "Cage the Ragers". This is just a fun song about thrashing around at shows and having a good time, something that seems to be missing from much of the "scene" today". A totally enjoyable song from start to finish...and I think I'll stop right there because this is the way the rest of the album is: lots of fun with fast songs and great hooks.

This is by far more "metal" (warning: cliche coming up) than most of the tripe passed off as such nowadays because it's not "trying" too hard to be "evil" or "angry" or any of that stuff. What it's doing is having fun and getting you to bang your head and forget about all the bullshit. As such, this album succeeds.