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Ravens Creed - Nestless & Wild

Nestless and Wild EP Review - 90%

GFitz, May 11th, 2011

Ravens Creed are a band that every British metal fan should be familiar with, but probably aren’t. The fact that their amazing album of 2008, Albion Thunder, has not even been reviewed on this site says it all (something I will hopefully rectify when I get the chance).
This band has quality and pedigree throughout and have produced some of the most honest and straight forward old school thrash/death metal from these shores in recent years. The new ep, Nestless and Wild, marks a return for the band after losing their iconic front man, Ben Ward, who left in 2010 to concentrate on his Orange Goblin duties.

Ravens Creed recruited new vocalist Al Osta later that year and this is his first release with the band, a 4 track assault issued on Doomentia Records. Osta, a scary looking bearded individual judging from pictures posted on the band's Myspace, goes for the barked growl rather than the roar of Ward which changes the dynamic somewhat and the band sound different no doubt, but are just as frenzied and malicious as before.

Each song on this ep is distinct and carries its own weight. ‘Stampede of Skeletons’ is a fantastic start and builds to a crescendo of frantic riffing and head banging. The production is solid enough, being bass heavy with a nice guitar sound. I was fortunate to catch these guys play in Brighton a couple of years back and the drum work was a highlight. Here again the work of sticksman Jay Graham brings everything together so well.

At less than 10 minutes long this ep is perfect for those with ADHD, a dose of thrash intensity that shocks the system and makes you wonder how so many bands are getting it wrong these days.