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Get Supergroup. Record E.P. Use three producers. - 70%

Hircine, March 8th, 2009

Ravens Creed (note lack of apostrophe) are a supergroup formed with the members of British groups Orange Goblin, Iron Monkey and Sabbat, all big names in the UK metal scene.

In this E.P, Ravens Creed have recorded some nice, dark death/thrash, yet they seemed to have used at least three producers, spread out over the E.P's four tracks, Panzer Maniac, Imperial Leather, Exploding the Steel and Dead Crow mantle. Now, all these are awesome track names, as well as awesome songs, yet the problem is that nearly all these tracks have a different sound.

The first one, after a rather, 'interesting' sample, has a nice, pounding feel with bass you can actually hear. The second somehow makes the bass louder than the guitar while somehow not, while the third song, arguably the weakest on the record, has vocals that are way too low in the mix and possibly the fuzziest guitar sound outside of bedroom black metal. The fourth song, the brilliantly titled 'Dead Crow Mantle' retains the sound of the first song.

Apart from the afore mentioned audible bass (as in not overbearing like something found on 'Triumph of Death' or 'Death Fiend', but actually audiable), the vocals sound great, very vicious and unrelenting, and the same can be said of the guitars, which range from a pounding chords to fuzzy static, both of which complement each other perfectly.

All in all, the schizophrenic production shouldn't detract you from tracking this down, as the grammar hating Ravens Creed are easily one of the best bands in the UK scene, which is sadly dominated by overly fashion conscious deathcore twats.