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Some gay crap from Iowa - 30%

Noktorn, April 15th, 2011

I really don't feel like spending much time on this release so I'm going to make it brief. Ravendawn seems to have been one of those 'have your cake and eat it too' black metal bands where the creator wasn't sure if anyone would actually like his incompetent music, so he couched the whole thing in a joke aesthetic complete with goofy song titles. Now, moving beyond the simple fact that this has never in the history of music worked to make you look like less of a jackass, all that every results from this attempt is bad music with a joke aesthetic. Ravendawn makes crappy black metal drawn about half and half from Norwegian and French material (Mütiilation seems to be the biggest influence), coming out in short, one-idea songs that don't really go anywhere. Riffs are sloppily tremolo picked numbers that are half Gorgoroth and half spooky Halloween soundtrack, drums are an irritating clatter of blasting, and vocals are some random Meyhna'ch raving. The instrumental performances sound like one-takes, the production is muffled and irritating, and the songwriting is choppy and aimless. There's nothing of value here.

I'd call this the retarded little brother of Satan's Almighty Penis (a member of which actually comes from this band), a band who would later go on to play a chaotic, seemingly random style of black metal that's actually guided by a laserlike musical focus. This, on the other hand, is just dumb crap that shouldn't have survived to this era. I have no doubt that I am the first person to think of Ravendawn in probably a decade, and with any luck I'll be the last.