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Accidents Happen... - 45%

Danthrax_Nasty, August 16th, 2005

If you thought Live At The Inferno ruled, or that Wiped Out was great then dont buy this. If you ever had a positive opinion of Raven at any point, with out being aware of this, dont get this album.

This is without a doubt the worst thing Raven ever did. Its just obvious from the cover where things were going..., and let me tell you they were going down fast. This album is about the pinacle of Raven's comercialization. This album is also an abysmal failure. Its not even worth going song by song on this one. This is a picture of all thats wrong with the music buisness, today, and then.

Raven even admitted that this album was a mistake. They were basically trying to really get that elusive (for them) mainstream acceptance, and record sales. Greed is a destructive force, and Raven fell prey to thinking they were infallible. This is the sell out point for Raven, and luckily I guess it never really manifested into anything, but a shitty album. They admittedly wanted to cash in on their image, and really be a part of the mainstream at that time, so really who could blame em...mistakes happen. I forgive em, and thats why I warn you.

The music on here is cheesier than most anything I've ever heard. Its catchy, but done so in a horrible way. The lyrics are just toss away kinda garbage, and way too soft. The drum sound is thin, and the rythms often times get annoyingly repeatitive. Some good leads on here, but do very little to make up for the rest. Overall, there is no reason to buy this album except to complete your Raven discography, or if you really like bad 80's corporate glam.

I gave the album a 45, cause its a unique, well done, piece of shit, and certainly deserves something like that. Again, Raven have better albums to buy, and this album is not representative of their sound at any other given point.