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Homoerotic album. - 50%

Sigillum_Dei_Ameth, November 4th, 2009

For the record, I am not a homophobe, let's just get this straight. But this album just makes me feel very uneasy.

Right before the mind-numbing Huey Lewis and the News-inspired "The Pack Is Back", Raven's attempt to start becoming more commercial started with an album called "Stay Hard" of the more homoerotic albums this side of Liberace.

It's a step-down from their classic sound in a more radio-friendly sound that would make Anvil sound like black metal! Although it DOES still have some NWOBHM riffs scattered about the place, there is a lot of material here that lets you know what they really want; fame and money. Nothing wrong with that, but don't do so with album's titled "Stay Hard" with an overtly homoerotic image. Rob Halford never even attempted to do that with Priest. I mean if you haven't fucking figured it out by what I am referring the homoerotic image it's the goddamn album cover. The Terminator has become The Sperminator!

The music for the most part teeters between ok and weak, but not before being weighed down with a "Ugh" at both ends. Songs like "When the Going Gets Tough", "Get It Right", Restless Child", "Power And Glory" features some good riffs and sounds like it could have been the light material off "All For One". Again these songs show the more standard catchy hard rock sound they wanted to get famous with.

But then comes those songs which reminds you at why this album is homoerotic. Just read the song titles! "Stay Hard", "On and On and On", "Hard Ride", "Extract The Action"...and it doesn't help when those songs are filled with material that is a shade light of Scorpions/Def Leppard/ACDC. "Pray For the Sun" starts off with a psychedelic into and then turns into a Motley Crue "Home Sweet Home"-esque ballad. Ugh. Fuck that.

This album still beats "The Pack Is Back".