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Its On, And On, And On, And On, And ON! - 85%

Danthrax_Nasty, November 20th, 2003

Kicking out in '85, this album was a marked change for Raven, and some would say for the worse, but I'd disagree as the music on here alone speaks for its self. Now you can tell that Raven had changed quite abit since unleashing Rock Till You Drop 4 years earlier, and they were definitely hungry for that elusive popular acceptance, and break (and seeing it as a very real possibility), but even with this album taking a much more marketable sound, and mainstreamed feel Raven still didnt let up as far as musical creativity, and song writing talent goes. Actually, everything these guys did, no matter how mainstreamed was always totally Raven, and really thats what I love about this album so much. These guys had they're own schtick, they had they're own sound, and they, regardless of all else, had some real fucking talent. Anything else is purely subjective.

The guitar riffs are a bit all over, but stick to a particularly Raven esque sound. A heavy reliance on quick chorded rythms, done in a NWOBHM fashion, but with an amped up Speed Metalish feel, and classic anthem type Heavy Metal chorus'. They stick to a fairly genre typical song structure, but accent it nicely with each members unique characteristics of sound. The guitar tone is nothing short of killer (probably one of my favorites Raven ever had) and really helps drive the riffs onward. Also, there is a plentiful supply of leads, and solo's on here some of which are pretty impressive. Raven always delivered as far as riffs were concerned, and this album also showed a bit more variety than their previous efforts, but only in a more mainstreamed type way (check out "Pray For The Sun", and "Get It Right").

The vocals mix certain tones of the singers ability, from a some what normal kinda voice to that seemingly now forgotten 80's high toned wail, the singer totally ingrains that fighting 80's youthfull spirit of anger and all out partying. Droping all humorous aspects of the lyrical content aside, which is fairly obvious "Stay Hard, Stay Wet" amongst others (also the cover, showing what appears to be a man with a woman going down on him), you can really get a feel of the times in the simplistic yet strongly original words. The chorus arrangements are very catchy and in a very traditional rock based way (great bridges also, check out "On and On" for an awesome bridge chorus structure).

Overall, this album rocks. Even with its highly mainstreamed feel (Raven would soon go abit too far in this direction on "The Pack Is Back", though), and pop appeal this album still packs enough killer, and less filler to warrant my praise. These guys had more individuality than countless others, and more talent, and drive too boot. Get this if you are a fan of the band, or style.