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Great Live Album - 80%

SufferingOverdue, May 24th, 2003

Raven are remembered by quite a few people as "That band who toured with Metallica". It's a shame really because this band surely can pack a punch, and this live album catches them on one of the better nights.

What we have here is a live album containing material from their previous 3 studio efforts. It's a nice little collection and is basically all a casual fan of the band would need to get a feel for their early NWOBHM sound. This basically contains every early 80s heavy metal cliche, spandex clad front men, swinging drum beats, high pitches yells and screams, big riffs, even bigger guitar solos and generally great, upbeat music. This is a live album in one of it's purest forms, as the album in lay proclaims "There are absolutely no overdubs on this album!" which is really the way it's meant to be. Pure early 80s heavy metal with all the trimmings, great stuff. This album really shows that Iron Maiden definitely weren't the definitive NWOBHM band, more often than not that album sounds alot better than alot of what Maiden have done.

The only real bad point of this album is the final track, "Live At The Inferno". The song itself is great, it's just the crazy "metal ending" that lasts about 5 minutes at the end of the song which sucks, there's only so much out of key fret wanking, trem picked guitar chords and random cymbal bashing anyone can take, if I wanted that I could go and buy the new Nile album. But overall I guess that's just another heavy metal cliche, and this album is just brilliant to listen to.