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Raven gets their balls back - 87%

Sigillum_Dei_Ameth, November 4th, 2009

The previous two albums "Stay Hard", and "The Pack Is Back" would have any Raven fans completely dismissing the band as total whores, but thankfully Raven managed to wise-up, realize what they had done was wrong, even flat-out admitted and told the truth about their need for fame and fortune. Now I'm not a drama queen, but if you tell the truth when you know what you did was wrong, I'm very lenient and generous. Thankfully Raven pick-up their instruments and go back to what they were known for and it completely shines through.

'Life's A Bitch" is just straight forward speed-induced, NWOBHM-influenced powerful thrash metal. It perfectly sits right between the three mentioned genres and thank-fucking-god for guitarist John Gallager because outside of "Wiped Out", this features some of his fastest riffs. Bassist Mark Gallager also managed to get the force and command back in his voice.

The album is divided into two different types of songs; speedy-as-fuck NWOBHM-inspired thrash metal and hard-rocking metal tracks that are more mid-tempo that are more in touch with early Raven. The first three tracks "The Starved & the Hungry", "Pick Your Window", and the title track will make you completely forget the last two piles of commercial crap. If you're going to listen or even buy this album, it's worth it for the first 3 songs alone. "Overload", "Your A Liar", "Playing With A Razor", and "Only The Strong Survive" will have you head banging and remind you of early Overkill in some sections. "Juggernaut" reminds me a lot of Metallica's "Seek And Destroy" only the guitars are tuned down a notch and gives it a heavier tone.

Unfortunately for Raven, even though this was a back-to-basic sound and even some of the heaviest stuff they had written up this point in their career, they were starting to suffer from the fallout of their previous two albums which alienated most of their die-hard NWOBHM fan base and shortly after "Nothing Exceeds Like Excess", they would fall into obscurity in the 90's. Sad really.