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Pretty good shit... - 82%

Snxke, July 3rd, 2004

Considering the recent production and amazing performance on their new "Curse of Heaven" release, to revisit this old piece of work seemed somewhat pointless until I realized that the actual songs on this album were the best things they have ever released. The production, while raw, is ENTIRELY suited to the balls-out power metal presented on this songs. In short...I LOVE this EP.

Opening with the brilliant "Rite of the Night" and moving into such other classics like "Wyvern" and "The King Forgotten" the band proves that they once made the best power metal in the land. I mean this. Fuck the wimpy Euro-pussy-trash being released weakly on Noise...THIS is the real fucking deal. As good as "Curse of Heaven" is...this beats the fuck out of anything anyone could have done. It's catchy, it's clear and I remember nearly every riff after the song is over. How many other bands can say they've had this affect on the increasingly-bitter Aerik Von?


Al Ravage must be noted for having the voice I wish Matt Barlow's dramatic without being over-the-top or girlish. Al Ravage is the man. No doubts!

If you can find this EP it or I'll fucking stab you with a large and pointed object. Ravage are one of the only traditional metal bands out there today who have a chance to save the "classic metal" sound from going entirely extinct or so far lost to wimpdom that nobody wants to listen to it anymore.

BUY OR DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ravage fucking rock...I say this without hesistation.