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Deathened Thrash at it's best. - 100%

metalhead02, January 18th, 2006

Fair warning: This is possibly the best thrash metal you will ever hear. It blows my mind that this band is unsigned. Every time I listen to this album my neck comes close to breaking. It's just music to headbang to and go crazy to.

One thing that stands out on this album for me is Jan Michels vocals. He usually starts off in a high-pitched growl and then slowly works his way down to a low growl, and then back to a high-pitch growl once again. I love it. Another thing I love about this album is Daniel and Christoph's riffs. Thrash right to the bone. Though the riffs are awesome, something that cannot be overlooked is their ability to solo...and solo they did. Some of the leads will have you dropping your jaw in awe.

One of the underrated thing about this album is Dennis Thiele's drumming. He is, in fact, and very skilled drummer. If you're looking for a bunch of double kicks and a few blastbeats, this is the music for you.

I don't think I am really able to choose my favorite tracks from this album because the experience you get from the whole disc is simply awe-inspiring...but if I were to say any it would have to be "Nuclear Storm" and "Holycaust".

Rating: 10/10
Highlights: Nuclear Storm, Holycaust, Riddled, Into Your Demise

Why isn't this band signed? - 90%

Racingtr, March 26th, 2005

These guys know what they're doing, and what they're doing RULES. Lots of thrash metal, lots of death metal, and a whole tank-full of destruction from this up and coming band is what you're going to get. This album kicks you in the face from the get-go, and it doesn't let up. At all. While "Get Fucking Slaughtered" isn't exactly Necrophagist's "Onset of Putrefaction" in terms of technical wizardry, this band isn't comprised of 13 year old kids that just picked up a guitar, either. The drummer isn't Flo Mounier, Tomas Corn, Derek Roddy, et all, but he's certainly competent (lots of double bass, and some blast beats here and there), and fits well with the onslaught brought by the bass (yes, it's audible!) and guitars. The vocalist uses two styles of vocals: a higher, Schmier meets Alex Wesdijk (Inquisitor)-type attack, and a deeper, death metal-oriented grunt/growl/sound. At times, they're layered on top of one another, and they come together really well. There's a good amount of lead guitar/soloing on the album, consisting of some cat-in-a-blender stuff, and solos that'd make Sodom and Kreator proud - done much better than I expected, to be honest. The production is well done, and none of the instruments are too loud in the mix.

Breaking down each song individually is tedious, so I'll name a few of my favorites from the album, instead: "Get Fucking Slaughtered," "Havoc Command," "Nuclear Storm," ... forget it. I'll end up naming every song on the album. I haven't heard their first full-length release, but if the re-record of a song from their first demo says anything about the quality of their previous album, I want it, and I want it now.

There's something in the water in Germany, as there are a couple of other great newer thrash groups (that I'm aware of, at least), Nuclear Warfare and Nocturnal; whatever it is, I hope they bring it here to the States.