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Nuclear Sewer Rats of Scotland - 76%

TheStormIRide, December 22nd, 2015

Less than a year after their debut EP, Scotland's crusty black metal punks Rats of Reality return with another EP, The Art of Debilitation. While the debut stuck with a fairly straight forward blend of crusty metalpunk and thrashing riffing, their follow up sees more black metal influence worming its way through the rotting wooden floorboards, adding an urgent and disparaging feel to their already acerbic sound.

The EP features four tracks, with a thirteen minute run time, which means the tracks are a little beefier this time around. The slightly longer track times allow the band to alternate tempos during songs, rather than just going balls out for the entirety. The riffing offers mostly rollicking thrash-tinged riffs, but there are a few moments of mid-paced melodic guitar licks worked in that trail the power chords and even a few bursts of rangy trem riffing. The percussion still sticks with a punk-fueled approach, but it works really well with the street punk tinged blackened metal on display. Like the debut, the EP was recorded in DIY fashion, but it's a much better recording job, as nothing seems buried under an artificial wall of grime. Sure, this is still grimy and slimy, but that description is based off of the music, not on the recording quality this time.

The Art of Debilitation exudes that filthy sleaze that genuine metalpunk needs to survive. Blending equal parts Discharge, Venom and Hellhammer, Rats of Reality brings a vast improvement over their debut release, both musically and production-wise. These guys are really off to a great start, so keep an ear out for what they drop next.