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Rats of Reality - Rats of Reality

Crusty Metalpunk - 67%

TheStormIRide, December 18th, 2015
Written based on this version: 2014, Digital, Independent

Rats of Reality is a crusty black metal band from Scotland that was formed in 2014 and currently has two demos under their belt. Their first demo, the eponymously titled Rats of Reality was released in July of 2014 and features six tracks of filth and crustiness that will peel the paint off of the walls. The band brought a more blackened sound into their second demo, but the first is rooted in the realms of thrashing metalpunk.

The demo was recorded DIY style which means it sounds pretty rough, even though it still has a better sound quality than ninety-nine percent of the blackened bedroom warrior brigade. The music exists in that looming, large gray area between acerbic and primal, almost blackened thrash metal and crust ridden hardcore punk. The percussion offers a barrage of rollicking hardcore punk beats and frenzied d-beats while the bass thumps along maniacally, cutting through the clang and clatter with a monstrously behemoth tone. The guitar riffs are solid, bringing those classic metalpunk vibes via a barrage of thrashy riffing and crusty power chords. The vocalist sounds like he was gargling razors and bleach; forceful raspy shouts with a frenzied edge.

The entire offering is muddy and filthy, just the way crusty metalpunk should sound. I could imagine this band being a freaking blast at a basement or garage show. Really, it's not bad for a DIY recording that was most likely done in one live take. Rats of Reality showed promise and the band really delivered with the follow up, The Art of Debilitation, which was released a year after this. Hopefully the band continues getting better with age.