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Gabometal86, December 5th, 2004


It was a total waste of time and life listening to this album, Gabriel Marian holds the title of “the worst heavy metal singer ever”. Walter Giardino on lead guitars is just the same average virtuoso we all know; did I mention he is a Malmsteen rip off? Well, he indeed is. Berdichevsky´s rhythm guitar sounds poorly and he also performs poorly on this album. Gustavo Rowek´s drumming could be catalogued as decent. Javier Retamozo on keyboards is just average and Guillermo Sanchez (bassist) sounds very low on the mix.

This is by far, the worst studio release by this band. The riffs are watered down and the drums are too tamed, it’s no way near all the past Rata Blanca albums which in a way or another were pretty good. There are two songs here that are pretty good, “Madame X” and “Rey de la Revolución”, the rest of them are pretty generic and with dull and idiot titles, I will pass to translate some of them just for you to laugh, Pastel de Rocas (Stone Cake), La historia de un muchacho (The story of a boy), La canción del Sol (The song of the sun), La caja (the box), Mr. Cósmico (Mr. Cosmic). Come on, I can’t believe they recorded a song like “Mr. Cosmico”, what a waste of track minutes. Well, this is indeed Rata Blanca’s worst studio album and that is very much to say, but the live album that got out in that same year, called “Vivo En Buenos Aires” as bad as this one.

Conclusion: Nothing more needs to be said, if you want to pick something from Rata Blanca, pick almost everything from the debut release until “Entre El Cielo y El Infierno”.