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Katatonia + Anathema = This Album - 76%

PainMiseryDeath, March 24th, 2004

Rapture's first album "Futile' is easily compared to the likes of Katatonia, among others. Now on 'Songs for the Withering' with the addition of a clean vocalist, the comparisons to Anathema are nearly unmistakable. Rapture aren't total clones however, they just seem to be using other bands styles as a backbone to add to their melancholic style of melodic death metal, or death/doom. Call it what you will, I wouldn't really classify this as a doom album, the songs do sound depressive, but they also have an upbeat feel to them. Not too far from something Sentenced might do if they added a vocalist who could growl...

The production (better than the last album by far) and the fine songwriting skills are what made me give this album a high rating. It's good shit even if it's the opposite of genre defying. That is to say, if you are a fan of any of the bands previously mentioned, or perhaps Paradise Lost, this could be a great cd to check out. It has fast parts, and slower parts, death growls, clean vocals, and memorable songs (for the mostpart) evem with some catchy choruses. All the musicians are highly skilled and it shows. There is enough variance in the riffs to keep you interested, even though I'm sure some people will just find this a boring rip off, I would reccomend at least giving this album a chance.

Standout track - Nameless