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Inconsistency is not bliss - 68%

GuardAwakening, February 13th, 2014

Raped by Pigs' long overdue and much delayed full-length album serves as a platform to the 3-year gap between this and their EP Gushing Orgasms 2 which proceeded to an EP released two years prior to that called Contamination of Whores, which was recorded and released when much of the band members were in high school or just graduating. Needless to say, just from this examination alone Raped by Pigs could have got a lot more done within these 5 years than just two EP's and a full-length, especially when their newly released full-length is not only as fresh and strong as you'd hope it would be but it's just... weird. It's a very, very weird record....

If you're familiar with this band already and have been one to give a steady listen to their discography examining close to their brand of slam/deathcore hybridization, you can easily spot the production and gradual writing process gaining momentum and slowly climbing up to the very peak of how much talent these men can have when holding instruments and a pen in their hand with each song simply just getting better as the dates of their song recordings slide oldest to newest. I mean heck, all you would need is just a copy of their Gushing Orgasms 2 EP to see this; it's basically a compilation. It holds all the songs from their high school days, plus 2 new tracks to boot. That EP alone blasts you with some of the sickest slam tunes on the first two tracks alone, booming badass production and even a music video was recorded for one of those two tracks. Here, it feels like this album just had the band climb up a huge mountain of hayday with that EP and now are already dropping down.

Many of the riffs on Squealing to the New World - and I'm not even exaggerating this - feel like recycled riffs from the time when they were recording 2009's Contamination of Whores. What the hell happened? Was this a means for the band to connect with the band's earliest fans and go "back to their roots"? Or did their guitarists just suffer from too many bumps on the head in the morning and it knocked them mentally back to their teenagehood? This record starts off with an instrumental track entitled "Peruvian Slam March". Nice little track title to pay homage to their genre and country, but already it starts to get awkward. Both this track and the next are noticeably produced just with nowhere near enough strength bass-wise that a slam album basically requires almost like a law. Slam is supposed to be brutal and crushing with production in line of that and their EP's first two tracks did this perfectly. Here, the bass does nothing for the guitars at all causing them to feel like they're almost shallow and lacking no strength whatsoever. The riffs feel empty because of the lack of bass backing them up. Bass is instead audible in the background instead of laying at a foreground element to the slams. This may seem like nitpicking, but it's actually a huge problem when you're creating a death metal album.

Right after the intro track, track two "Picking Nostrils with Oxidized Barbed Wire" already kind of lets me down. This track goes almost nowhere and right when I'm almost just fine with saying it's an "okay" song, then the riff at 0:56 comes in and I already can say I hate it. It's a mess and that riff alone sounds like a riff Guttural Secrete wrote in 2004 but threw away because even they knew it sounded cheesy and stupid. Why did they choose to open up the album with this song (besides a silly intro track)? This song alone features some really awkward stuff I'd never expect Raped by Pigs to do either; I mean it's strange enough that the bass is audible during a breakdown in this song but it has a really awkward mathcore outburst which then follows with a solo over those mathcore-esque riffs and then another slam at the end. What the fuck? I've already heard this album about five times and I learned to skip this track at all costs when playing from beginning to end.

Phewwwww. Now that all the crap is out of the way, I can get onto this album's best qualities. "Slicing Pregnancy Feast" is finally where the band really get the slams out. This track actually has the balls I was waiting for. More than enough slams and just the right amount of blast beats. Plus catchy breakdowns to boot and even a bass solo. Things thankfully get even better after this one song. It's like the band got the two most worthless and forgettable songs on the album out of the way to finally get onto the good stuff. Things tie-into this whole formula throughout most of it along with vocals which sound to be a combination of exhale vocals during most parts and inhale vocals during other parts. The band's abundance of pig squeal vocals (staying true to their band name) also remain as a noteworthy aspects. Pig squeals are not a huge, huge priority in an album like this and they rarely show except for maybe during the intros or outros of songs so pig squeal haters need not to worry for the vocal factor.

The audible bass guitar is something you eventually get used to by track 4, but I still am not too fond of its audibility being replaced for the strength for the riffs it served in the songs "Gushing Inner Gore" and "Sores of Affliction" from their 2011 EP. The songs "Ripping Fornicator" again displays a guitar solo but isn't done just for the sake of wankery as it was on "Picking Nostrils...". Right after this, probably my most favorite song on the entire album comes in. This song "Appetite for Death" might as well just have been the opening track because I feel like it's the best song Squealing to the New World has to offer. This song alone shows most of which what Raped by Pigs are about as an entire band; slams, breakdowns, guttural vocals. Everything you want is in this song and it even pays just enough homage to the band's 2009 Contamination of Whores EP as well which includes an absolutely Nigel Thornberry SMASHING breakdown included.

The remaining notable things I want to take note of is the guest vocal appearance by Travis Ryan from Cattle Decapitation. It's almost like his name doesn't even need to be listed on the album to know it's him. His signature rasp and guttural vocals can be recognized from as far as the human ear can hear and his inclusion to this album not only proves as a satisfactory one but one not just done for the sake of the band to commercialize their record. Finally the album closes with an instrumental song featuring drums performed by the current Six Feet Under and former Brain Drill blaster Marco Pitruzzella. I'm still very very puzzled why this is the third instrumental song so far on the album yet the one that would feel the most complete with vocals. Maybe the band just felt that Pitruzzella's drumming should serve as the main highlight of this song and as a way to finish off the album. I mean he is frankly a very incredible drummer, his double bass and blast beats are just off the charts, almost puts the actual Raped by Pigs drummer to shame.

Nonetheless, this album isn't terrible but just holds so many "what the fuck" moments for me to even bear into the thought into saying it's something along the lines of amazing. The band even decide to resurrect the "Karaoke Slam" filler track that they included on their Gushing Orgasms 2 EP, this time with the title "Karaoke Slam 2" which takes part of a song directly off this album (in this case the song "Appetite for Death"), removes the vocals and places it on here with a soundclip of a serial killer's monologue at the end. Umm what....

Collectively to mention all the strange influences and riff ideas this band had along with the very strange sound samples included which range from distorted monologues talking about murder, sounds of heartrate increasing and some sounds I have no idea whatsoever what in the world they're even sounds of (reminds me of alien invasion). Even at the end of "Half Beasts", there appears to be the sounds of what seems to be the band members chuckling but pitch shifted which is just creepy. And I don't mean that in the good creepy like in the way a brutal death metal album should be. I mean that in Alice in Wonderland or Saturday morning cartoon-esque creepy. What the fuck were they thinking? I still stick by when I say: were the fucking band on acid when they made this album?

Overall not a bad record at all, Raped by Pigs. But I know you could do better.
Track picks: "Appetite for Death", "Reshaped by Grinding" and "Silicon Prosthetics Fryer Maniac"