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This shouldn't exist. - 5%

violentrestitution, January 15th, 2012

This is everything I despise. There is no musical value here, there is nothing interesting to listen to. There is nothing to excite you. This is almost as boring as staring at a wall

The first track is basically just a giant breakdown with REE's and EE BREE's. I feel uncomfortable listening to it, not because its so brutal but because its just so utterly lame. About halfway through there's some retarded gurgle vocals that don't quite work and the type vocals and are just awkward.

I don't want to waste a lot of words on how shitty this is. There are no good riffs here, everything is the same generic 1 note chugging breakdown garbage. The drums are alright, they do whatever they set out to do which is basically double bass and some slow cymbal crashing breakdown stuff.

Second song is the same as the first with just as much obnoxiously annoying vocals. At this point I ask myself why the hell I'm still listening to this. The guitars do some pinch harmonics stuff which is not only cheesy but really annoying. Then you get..Another dumb breakdown.
I'm sure the lyrics and general themes are nothing new either, not that I really care but it only adds insult to injury how overly generic this is. I can't get over how annoying the vocals are. It eats at your soul in a bad way. It's gut wrenching how awful they are. They just gurgle and burp for 15 minutes with no end.

I'll give this points for the decent production, it isn't overly crisp and clear and it isn't shitty. It's good. Maybe, just maybe if it the production was so god-awful that I couldn't hear anything this would be bearable. I don't like anything that this has to offer. It's bland, generic, and useless. Why the fuck does this exist? Why do bands put out stuff like this?

I hate everything about this release. I hate the lame cooker cutter vocals, the riffs are unexciting and chug on and on doing next to nothing. Silly over the top abrupt tedious breakdowns don't help either. It's awful. The only good thing it had going for it is the production, too bad the music is so bland that it doesn't matter. If you have any reason to get this album, it isn't good enough. I don't care if you like this genre, It isn't worth it. This isn't brutal, this isn't offensive, this isn't impressive, this isn't heavy. This is just utterly lame boring slop. Ignore this.