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Ripping Thrash! - 81%

SmithMetal84, February 5th, 2012

"The Executioner" is a very, very intense piece of absolutely crushing death/thrash. It has some of the fastest speeds and riffs that you’ll have heard in a good while and the blend of death (which is much less prevalent) and thrash metal is perfect. What ensues is a thirty-three minute long attack of utterly vicious thrash metal. Some of the best today.

The album starts off with an immediate assault of speed and aggression. No bullshit breakdowns, no gay interludes or mellow riffs, just straight-up killer thrash. Honestly, there must not be one part on the entire album where they slow the tempo down. “Devilish Agressor” will pretty much give you an idea of what the rest of the album will sound like upon further listening. It starts off with a hectic blast beat and uber-fast riffing. The riffs on this album, while admittedly having a sound akin to lots of modern thrash, are all very catchy and blindingly fast. There’s some really good mosh parts, catchy, fast-as-fuck riffs all over the place and the vocals are somewhat reminiscent of Steve Souza from Exodus. The transitions are all smooth; they know how to switch from an extremely fast tempo to a very catchy mosh part, such as on “The Executioner” at the 3:50 mark or “The Eyes Of Hate“ at 0:22. Very headbangable riffs fly all over the place, not slowing down for one minute, and you’ll most definitely find yourself headbanging intensely to many, if not all of them.

The drum department on “The Executioner” deserves praise separate from the other aspects of the album. While it may not be that inspired or Hoglan-esque, it is dangerously fast. It ranges from thrash beats to mind-blowing blast beats, and all of the fills are, as well, extremely fast. Fast may not always mean good, but in this case it does. The drumming does a fantastic job of propelling the album forward, making everything sound much more intense. The bass on this album pretty much just takes the guitars and follows suit. (A good thing).

There is not much else to be said about "The Executioner." It is an onslaught of straightforward yet insane death/thrashing madness. Some of the riffs sound a bit retro-thrashy, which might be a bad thing for some people, but other riffs easily redeem the uninspired ones (of which there aren’t that many). A very fun listen and essential for any thrash fan. These guys know their thrash and they pull it off exceptionally well; it beats the living fuck out of most newer thrash bands today. To boot, the album artwork is awesome and they have one of the dumbest yet coolest names out there.

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Berserk Thrash! - 90%

HateTrainRolling, April 18th, 2008

What we have here is a real thrash blast! Their first album was actually not bad, but somehow boring and undeveloped death/black/thrash. It seems like their former singer left the band and enforce the little name change... for good.

I loved everything about this album. Just push your play button on "Devilish Aggressor". The song starts from nowhere on ultra speed and aggression. These boys just have the needed attitude, without ringing the bell how "TRUE and Evil" their thrash metal is. Actually the album tempo doesn’t drop even for a second, which reminds me of japanese Fastkill's way of thrashing. But this one here is even faster, heavier and louder. Check out those great parts like the one on the title track somewhere over the 1:20 min. Those "from fast - to faster" parts are the highlights of the album. I can here a similar part in the instrumental "Metal, Muerte, Destruccion" somewhere on 1:20 again. Just a powerful cannon blast and than.... THRAAAASH!!!! No gay brakedown, slam shitz here. It's just a body count on high speed. The vocal is fucken insane. The dude is pissed - he sounds like some freaky mixture of Souza and late-era Katon. Way better than the vox in their first album. The production is awesome – loud, tight and NOT overproduced in anyway. The drumming is intense, so is the remarkable fast riffage - heavy as fuck!

No one saw this one coming. After the 33 minutes of intensity, brutality, speed, aggression AND MOST OF ALL - passion, I feel somehow sorry for the old bands like Testament, Exodus, Death Angel, Overkill and their pathetic, toothless efforts in nowadays. Just gave Raped God 666 a spin - you'll see what I mean. Sheer mexican bestiality in year 2008!