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Excellent album - 80%

rottenpinky, June 25th, 2006

Here we have a very interesting Mexican band from Mexico City. At first you might think it's something like Transmetal or some others crappy mexican thrash bands (what the fuck is "Heavy Nopal"?), but this band is something new, fresh and fortunately, very good. I'm mexican and let me tell you, this doesn't sound like a Mexico city band.

The production of this album is awesome and the songs are both catchy and heavy, however the lyrics aren't as good as the music, but there you have them, the music does its work and you don't really have time to think about the lyrics. The overall musical sound of this album is Death metal with some thrashy riffs, fast-as-hell blast beats in the drums and a killer voice with mostly high screams, however the voice doesn't sound like black metal, and it totally rules. Something we won't be hearing in this album are many guitar solos, having only two or three in the whole album, however the riffs are complex and catchy enough to be sure that Raped God really knows what to do with each instrument they have.

Another good thing of this record is that they didn't include any filler song, that means all songs are great and have their own "personality" and they'll make you bang your fucking head like crazy.

The only downside here are the lyrics, i mean, they write about war, passion for metal and other stuff, which is cool, but the structures of the lyrics isn't good and they become something like "we'll kick your ass until it bleeds" in all the songs, you can check them at this album section and you can judge it by yourself.

To finish this i can say this album is worth the buy and 80% it's a very good rate for me... i mean a 50% it's a very average album so, 80% means really good. The best songs of this album are: Cyclone devastator, Evil to the Bone, Day of Vengeance and Thrash Command.