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"...Further into the dark asylum" - 100%

InsaneCancer, November 16th, 2005

Ram-Zet’s new “Intra” album captured me from the beginning till end as soon as I listened to the first song. Once again they take us further “within” their dark mental asylum of avant-garde / black metal based on insanity. One thing that popped into my mind was how innovative they became since the last album “Escape”. Just by listening to this you can tell that Ram-Zet’s sound has definitely progressed and evolved into a darker-psychotic fury mixed with elements of the haunted beauty-side of the disturbingly ill. Almost like Ram-Zet is pulling you deeper into a psychological sickness and giving you underlying meanings on a different level. “Intra” holds a more different type of depth than the last album. First off “Intra” means “Within”. To me I felt in this album we explore more of the darker, hidden-concept aspects of “Within” Ram-Zet. The songs are told in a well done format through twisted metaphors or delusional stories dealing with imagination and insanity. I found a meaning in every song. Every song on this album in my opinion is outstanding, and my personal favorites was “The Final Thrill”, “Lullaby for the Dying” and “Ballet” is worth a good listen to because there’s a part I enjoyed where Sfinx will let out some delusional crying vocals. As far as the technical sound progression goes: Zet’s the lead guitarist and for only one guitar it sounds completely solid with fast heavy riffs that equals out a balanced sound, vocals have reached a more intense level of aggression in this one, along with the guitar the bass is excellently constructed in with the insanely fast drum rhythms (which I love), one thing about Ram-Zet is they have precision rhythm. Sfinx’s vocals have become even more hauntingly alluring and beautiful, operatic still yet with a different evocable sound as almost ghost-like. She hits unbelievably higher notes in some songs too. Magnus’s keys and choir and Sareeta’s violins bring everything together. The keyboards and choir sound Funerary, the choir is as always hypnotic and mastered in an almost ghost-like wind, along with mixed in beautiful dark ambient effects. The violins come in as solos in some parts especially endings of some songs or clashes with the other instruments in connecting terms, and gives it a somber sorrowful sound. I definitely recommend this album to fans of operatic/metal, black/gothic metal, avant-garde, or anyone who is disturbed and insane and would like to listen to something to relate with, and to anyone else who is interested I recommend it to them as well. “Intra” is very promising and will be worth your time and even replay. Outstanding work accomplishment on this album.