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Not enough riffs. - 64%

KayTeeBee, October 24th, 2004

This is an epic work. I can't really describe what style it is. It has elements of folk metal, heavy, melodic, etc. Anyways, this album is pretty good. The melodies feel a bit too random at times (like in the introduction), but it makes for a very ambient music. The flute is amazingly well played, it gives a lot of feeling to the songs.

The only problem here is the lack of heavy riffs, or guitars period. Most of the songs featured on this album have long and repetitive introductions. So the songs take long to start, and then when the riffs start, they're slow and boring. So then after about two minutes of average riffage, we get another one or two minutes long interlude. Fucking hell. That just makes the album boring, and feels VERY
repetitive. But there is one song on this that completely owns, and that's "Planeshift". This song is completely fucking up-beat, and delivers energy that isn't to be found nowhere else in this album. Harsh vocals, speedy drums, incredible riff, you know the drill. It's that song that gets you headbanging from start to finish. Too bad the other songs are flawed like hell.

This album has potential, but it misses one thing: riffs! Too many interludes, and the songs take too long to kick in. You may find this interesting if you like acoustic stuff too much though. A pass for all headbangers.