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Wild Rock-n-roll, and a little Metal - 91%

dmal, February 19th, 2013

I think I first heard of Rainbows Are Free when either The Soda Shop blog or Heavy Planet blog or Meteor City blog posted the song "Are You Dead?". The transcendental and liberal message combined with stoner rock riffing and manic outro-vamping makes for one of the best rock 'n roll songs of the last five years, and the wild and flamboyant vocal performance really hooked me.

After that, I had the song on my Youtube watch-later list, and later I was wondering if maybe this song was a cover of some one hit wonder from the 1960s. Well, no, it's an awesome original song.

I received and listened to the cd last night. The whole album has great songs with awesome drugged out rampaging and bluesy solos over rock 'n roll riffs. The album has its metal moments here and there, but it's mostly rock 'n roll and I am a little bit surprised that the album is on the Metal Archives.

When I read the liner notes with an address in Oklahoma, everything made sense. The wild-redneck-hippie-on-angel dust vibe is probably due to the members being wild redneck hippies on angel dust. Then I came to Metal and saw that the vocalist was wearing a cowboy hat on stage, so that seals it. If Guns and Roses did weed instead of cocaine, they might have made Believers in Medicine, assuming they were from Oklahoma.

The vocalist is really bombastic and entertaining. There are some great lyrics on this record, like "I'm gonna scream and watch you shimmy, I'm so drunk that you could look like Lemmy.".

The vintage influence is loud and fuzzed out with an ascendancy. It is solid heavy rock with acid guitar flashing all over it. Imagine '70s heavy fuzz rock with Jello Biafra on vocals and that's Rainbows Are Free.